360° Spinning Mop !

360° Spinning Mop !


Incredible new innovative mop system

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360° Spinning Mop

Cut your cleaning time in half with this incredible new innovative mop system.

360 Spinning Mop has over 8000 strands of nano fibre cleaning cloth. Individually banded for extra strength, durability and absorbency. The head is resuable, easily detached and machine washable.

360 spin mop bands create a powerful, gravity defying suction that literally inhales the mess off your floor and into the mop head. The unique looking bands trap the liquid and prevent it from leaking.

Great on any type of floor. It spins 360 degrees like a street sweeper cleaning the curbs, pulling the mess inward so you’re not just pushing and pulling it around.

Also included, the amazing new 360 spinning basket and bucket. To clean and dry your mop head rinse it in the bucket with water and solution of choice. Place mop head in the spinning mechanism, pump side pedal with foot and your mop head will spin at high speed and dry itself clean!

Only £29.99 + p&p

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